Another year has rolled by

It don’t feel like it’s a year since last New Years Eve, but I don’t think my calendar is lying to me…
One year.
Twelve months.
Three hundred and sixty five days.
Two hundred and seventy one blog posts, including this one.
Spring has sprung, summer has come and gone, and winter is upon us again – at least for those of us on the northern hemisphere. For my friends and readers down below, reverse the order of seasons.
Shaving is still enjoyable, my favourite shaving forum still is full of good friends, and I’ve meet a lot of nice people on Twitter too.

As the traditional – ancient even – greeting goes in my corner of the world:
Til árs ok friðar!

Start the new year right

There is a million or so vintage advertisements referring to Christmas, but only a few that I can find that reference New Years. This Barbasol advertisement is one of the better.

Available in tubes and jars. Large size 25 cents, giant size 50 cents, family size 75 cents. I guess the later means the lady of the household can shave her legs as well?

…a tingling PREP shave

I have to admit that until I stumbled over this vintage advertisement I had never even heard about this brand – and as excited the guy seems, I want to try it now.

Poking online I do see that there is a brand of the same name that is still available, and that claims to hark back to the 1860’s… it is tempting to see if I can score some.

Update: After talking with @ShavingZA on Twitter, I got more than tempted – so I ordered some from the UK. Watch this space!

Shave of the night 23rd December

Razor: Schick “Lady Eversharp”
Blade: Proraso Injector
Brush: Vie-Long #13051M
Pre-Shave: The Lavish Gentleman Natural Strength Oil Cleanser
Lather: Pereira Oud
Aftershave: Nivea Cooling After Shave Balm
Additional Care:   Alum Block, BullDog Original Beard Oil, Pereira Shavery Boomerang Beard Comb