Comparison between a Schick Type A and Type B

As mentioned last week, I just received a Type A from down under. And I already have a Type B (two, actually). And as I pointed out when I posted pictures of the Type A, the square hole didn’t align neatly with the head as it does in the Type B.

Which means, logically, that there has to be a difference in the head geometry between the two models. In the Type B, the blade has to be parallel with the sideway of the razor. In the Type A, it ought to be inclined somewhat. And that should be possible to see in a side-by-side comparison.

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Schick E2 from 1941, first impressions

Thanks to a fellow shaver from the ‘Nook, I recently received a Schick E2 dated 1941. That’s right; the razor is eighty years old.

The razor looks really nice and is in excellent condition, and I’m looking forward to contrasting and comparing it to my Lady Eversharp and G4.

The box is also in very good shape, with nice and sharp text. The text on the underside is interesting; what company today gives a twenty year, no question asked warranty?