Clean Fighters

As we all know, Gillette got the opportunity to equip the US Armed Forces with razors as our American friends geared up to join the Great War – a few years after everyone else had gotten in on the action.

This not only gave Gillette a few million razors out there – and thus significantly increased the user base – but also gave Gillette a new thing to talk about in their advertisements.

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Johnson’s Shaving Cream Soap

Johnson – from Johnson and Johnson – introduced shaving cream in a tube all the way back in 1907. And despite being launched during a minor economic downturn known in retrospect as the Panic of 1907,1 it was successful. At least in part due to the “damp soaps” used by shavers was harbouring germs. Well, at least that is what J&J claims.

Advertisement from The Literary Digest, 15th February 1919
A 1910 advertisment for Johnson’s Shaving Cream Soap
  1. Also known as the Knickerbocker Crisis…