Shave of the day 2nd September

Razor: Ever Ready 1914

Blade: GEM Single Edge Stainless

Brush: Omega #50014 Travel

Pre-Shave: Prep Original

Lather: Sample – Esbjerg Shaving Cream

Aftershave: Sample – Saponifico Varesino Tundra Artica

Additional Care: Alum Block

First day of my self proclaimed Sample September. The aftershave was pleasant, I need to try all the other SV aftershaves I gotten samples of.

Shave of the day 1st July 2022

Razor: Schick “Lady Eversharp”

Blade: Schick Injector

Brush: Omega #10048

Pre-Shave: Proraso Pre Shave Cream

Lather: Proraso Menthol & Eucalyptus

Aftershave: Barber No3 Marmara

Additional Care: Alum Block

SOTD 2022-07-01
SOTD 2022-07-01

Remember that on Monday July 4th, at 00:00 GMT, the countdown sale of my books starts!

Clean Fighters

As we all know, Gillette got the opportunity to equip the US Armed Forces with razors as our American friends geared up to join the Great War – a few years after everyone else had gotten in on the action.

This not only gave Gillette a few million razors out there – and thus significantly increased the user base – but also gave Gillette a new thing to talk about in their advertisements.

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