The wedge razors of John Heissenberger

John Heissenberger was a fairly prolific inventor at the turn of the last century. And in between such fun things as machines to exhibit illuminated pictures, punching machines, and mail-delivering apparatuses, he did take the time to invent a couple of wedge razors.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a wedge razor is a safety razor that uses a wedge shaped blade. Think a section of a straight razors, instead of the flat blade of most other safety razors.

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70 razor and shaving patents & Another 80 razor and shaving patents

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70 razor and shaving patents & Another 80 razor and shaving patents

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Razor with lubricant dispenser

We’ve talked about razors that stretches the skin before. But I can do you one better today… It is a razor that stretches the skin and has a lubricant dispenser built in. And as a bonus it still looks like you can shave with it with it – unlike some patented razors I could mention. So what did William Miller get a patent for almost fifty years ago?

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Ultrasonic razor

Vibrating razors isn’t a new idea. The idea is almost older than radio. That don’t make it a good idea, even if some have been moderately successful. That didn’t stop Arthur Kuris, Lewis Balamuth, and Anthony P Farina from filing a patent for a new take on the idea in 1971. Behold; the Ultrasonic razor!

Or, to use the full title of the patent that was granted in ’74; Ultrasonic replaceable shaving head and razor.

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Method and apparatus for storing cutting implements

Once you have a razor, it must be stored between shaves. And while I’ve looked at a number of cabinets and other solutions before, I think this is the first one made to keep your razor dry and corrosion free. Filed in ’71 by Jack Cobb, the apparatus for storing cutting implements looks sensible – and pointless.

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Self-lathering razor

There is always someone who can’t manage to handle both a razor and a brush. This has lead to a large number of self-lathering razors. So Saul Hackmyer was in good company when he filed a patent for a self-lathering razor in 1971.

Where he differed from most of the patents I’ve discussed before is that he designed his invention around canned goo. Or as the abstract puts it:

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Disposable safety rotary razor

For some reason people keep inventing disposable razors. Simple and complex apparatuses for hair removal. Hard to recycle, resource intensive consumer goods that is meant to be thrown away after a few uses. At least the disposable safety rotary razor patented by Rudolph A Gagnon had six blades that could be used before it was thrown away. And it was supposed to be colourful.

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Rotary spare blade safety razor

Rotary, or revolving, razors isn’t a new idea. I’ve featured several of them before. That did not stop Hirotsugu Matsuura from patenting one in 1969, with an interesting variation. He described it as being a rotary spare blade razor. The idea seems to have a plurality of sharp edges available as needed, without having to open or take the razor apart.

The blade carrying element of the razor was also replaceable, making this an early form of cartridge razor.

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