The shavette system of Edward Weck

Between 1908 and 1914, Edward Weck was granted four patents which, when taken together, creates a full on shaving system centred around a shavette – a shavette system if you want. Interestingly enough, this was around the same time as another shaving system was patented. And much like Clark’s system, Weck’s shavette system contained a razor, a blade, and a way to package the blades. Weck also came up with a stiffener, to make the blade stiffer.

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Shave of the day 27th March

Razor: Gillette Old Type “Khaki”

Blade: Lord Classic

Brush: Omega #50014 Travel

Lather: BEA Shavestick

Aftershave: Krampert’s Finest Bay Rum

Additional Care: Alum Travel Stick

SOTD 2023 03 27

Still shaving from the GoBag at work. The military chin can’t have changed much over the years, because the Gillette Old out of the Khaki Kit still gives a smooth, nice shave.

Retractable brush

There has been a great many travel brushes thought up throughout the years. They range from simple ideas like my Omega 50014, via oddities like Michel Charles Blondin’s plurality of flat elements, to neat ideas like Marcus B Berhman’s collapsible lather brush. So Archer G Jones was in good company when he patented a retractable brush suitable for shaving and make-up.

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How to load a Schick Magazine Repeating Razor

As you might have gathered by now, I am the lucky owner of both a Type A and two Type B Schick Magazine Repeating Razors. And given that the Schick Type D was the first Schick that were like today’s injectors, in that it used an external magazine with a key, you might wonder how to load a Type A or a Type B (or even a Type C).

Well, no worries.

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Shave of the day 17th March 2023

Razor: Schick Type A

Blade: Personna Injector

Brush: Omega #10048

Pre-Shave: O Way Softening Shaving Cream

Lather: Mike’s Natural Soaps Peppermint & Rosemary

Aftershave: Krampert’s Finest Bay Rum

Additional Care: Alum Block

SOTD 2023-03-17

I was going to point out that it was another fine Friday shave, but honestly… after shifting to traditional wetshaving almost 13 years ago, virtually every shave have been a fine shave. Traditional wetshaving not only give me my morning moment of Zen, but also means no shave bump, almost never any ingrown hairs, and fewer cuts and nicks.

The shaving kit of William H C Taylor

What if you had more readily access to a brush or a suitable soap while shaving? And what if this more readily access was in a form that was convenient, compact, water proof, and adapted to be carried in your pocket or traveling bag? Well, fear not. William H C Taylor have you covered, with the shaving kit he got a patent for in 1925.

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