Eight shoot “revolver razor”

There are good ideas. There are bad ideas. And there are weird ideas. And this patent – which I can only think of as a revolver razor – is definitely a weird idea. Although I’m sure the intentions were good. Imaginably titled “disposable multi-bladed safety razor”, the patent was filed by Mr William M Choate in September 1966, and granted two and a half years later.

The basic idea is sound; Why should a disposable razor be good for only one – or at best, a few – shave?

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Guess who’s back… my Psion Series 5 is back!

After several years of not working – the screen being dead – my beloved Psion Series 5 Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is alive again. It turns out there is still a marked for repairing these neat PDAs almost a quarter century after they were first introduced. So now that it is alive again, let us have a closer look at this vintage tech. This will be a very different review to what I usually do.

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Disposable razor suitable for injector blades

Not all razors are meant to become heirlooms. Some are meant simply to be a disposable razor. Or, as Roy E Mullen said it in his 1966 patent application:

There are many occasions when an individual would find the use of a good razor to be a comfort and convenience, under circumstances where the services of a barber are not readily available and where it is either undesirable or uneconomical to purchase an ordinary razor.

From US patent 3,413,720
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