Shaving gear statistics, aka there is an app for that part III.

A few years ago I posted about Shaving Buddy, an Android and iOS app that lets you keep track of your shaving gear statistics. Since I posted about it last, it has gained one major and several minor updates. It is a much more capable app now than it was in 2015, which is why I keep using it.

Having used it for more than a few shaves, I now have quite a bit of shaving gear statistics. Which I’m sure can tell us something about my shaving habits.

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Container for shaving accessories

Once you have a razor and brush, you’ll need somewhere to store them. A container for shaving accessories, if you will. We’ve looked at one before, a patented cabinet for holding shaving requisites. It was, of course, not the only shaving accessories holder patented. Today we’re taking a peek at a 1934 patent for a wall mounted holder.

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Brushless shaving cream spreader cap for collapsible tubes

A little while ago1 I mentioned Nicholas Testi’s dispensing tube patent. Turns out he wasn’t the first to patent a shaving cream spreader cap. Charles W Brynan beat Testi to the punch, and with a simpler idea too. No roller or other moving parts. Just a simple shaving cream spreader cap to put on your tube of shaving cream.

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Another shocking shave

Shaving. A relaxing daily ritual involving water, soap, sharp blades, and – if Sampson W Moon had gotten his way – a risk of a shocking shave. Hot towels, scented lather, and then a casual electrocution. Sounds wonderful.

We’ve looked at a few electric razors before, both battery powered and ones you would plug into the grid. And one that could double as a wood planer… quite terrific stuff. At least Sampson’s invention is not the most scary of the bunch.

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