Countdown deal on “70 razor and shaving patents”

In order to celebrate a couple of things I’m running a countdown deal on the Kindle version of my book “70 razor and shaving patents“!

This is a very unique and interesting book. I have always enjoyed early 20th century patents. This book is full of them – 200 pages worth – all related to traditional wet shaving.
What I appreciate the most is the author’s commentary. He points out the most interesting aspects of the patent in a couple of short paragraphs. This isn’t always obvious from the patent drawing itself, so the author has done the work of reading through the patent and describing the vision and features of the invention.
The book is easy to flip through with interesting pictures and easy-to-digest commentary.

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Since this is a count down deal, the sooner you get your copy, the more you save!

From July 4 @ 1200AM PDT / 0700 UTC; 78% off!

From July 4th @ 1200PM PDT / 1900 UTC; 56% off!

From July 5 @ 1200AM PDT / 0700 UTC; 34% off!

From July 5th @ 1200PM PDT / 1900 UTC; 12% off!

Sale ends on July 6th @ 1200AM PDT / 0700 UTC.

Prices for the paperback have also been lowered, although not as much as for the electronic version since I have to take the cost of printing into consideration.

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