King Oscillator advertisement

Think that weird and wonderful razors needing special blades were a thing of the early days of safety razors? Would this advertisement for a King Oscillator from 1946 change your mind?

From The Minneapolis Star Tribune, June 16, 1946.

I found this advertisement as I was writing a different and longer blog post about the King Oscillator and the Rotary King razors… so consider this a teaser for next week.

Janos Oscar Plesch’s double double edged blade

Some inventions are solutions in search of problems. The double double edged blade is a prime example, double so in J O Plesch’s itteration of the idea. Not just a double double edged blade, but attempting to be a slant at the same time. And likely prone to blade chatter. However, as the patent explains, his intentions were good:

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Mr Dunn’s Single Edge Razor for Double Edge Blades

Recently tweeted about a razor patent that I’ve never seen before and it has some really intriguing features. It was filed in 1908, and the patent granted in 1912. It’s a patent by Clifford E Dunn, whom we have meet before.

One of described forms is a single edge razor using a double edge blade – not a unique idea by itself, but this is one of the earliest ones I know of. That design is set up to use Gillette’s three hole blade1 – thus avoiding having to reintroduce yet another blade on the market. Other forms can use a single edged blade – the early Gem blade might work, or a Christy style blade.

On to the patent, which described – according to the text – “certain new and useful Improvements in Safety-Razors”. To quote:

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