Review of the Vie-Long 14033 mixed badger / horse brush

Somehow I have managed to use – and love – this brush for almost two years… but not gotten around to do a write-up on it. Time to fix that, right now.

I bought this mixed badger / horse brush shortly after the TSN LE 2012 had showed me how nice mixed brushes could be… and to dip my toes both into badger and horse hair. Like most of my brushes it is on the small side – 20mm knot and 50 mm loft – which makes it suitable for both face and bowl lathering.

It can best be described as being fluffy with a backbone – the horsehair adds springiness and a slight scritch, the badger do what badger do best and imitates a fluffy cloud. The combination makes for a efficient lather maker.

If you’re looking for a new brush, you can’t go much wrong with mixed brush from Vie-Long.

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