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“My razor and shaving tackle!” by John Teetgen

One of the wonderful features of having access to a global information system is that a large amount of vintage depilation related publications is available that I would not otherwise be aware of. Or, in simpler terms, there is a lot of old shaving pamphlets found on the web. And today I want to share one I found on the internet archive. The full, complete and unabridged title Mr Teetgen gave his masterpiece?

My razor and shaving tackle! As it ought to be: and as it ought-n’t. How to shave without great pains and little cuts.

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Kickstarter – or “Adding shit to razors”

A while ago I learned that yet another safety razor is heading towards crowdfunding. Kickstarter is full of the things. Most are never fully funded, quite a few is existing manufacturers raising cash and awareness on new razors, some are outright scams, and some are… well, like this one. Let us rip it apart, shall we? See what bits makes sense in the context of shaving, and what bits that don’t.

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Samuel Schereschewskij’s device for lathering the beard

Not all interesting shaving related patents are written in English – the razor on a spring comes to mind – but I can still enjoy them thanks to a rudimentary grasp of other languages and automatic translation. Today I stumbled over a fun one written in German. It is Õsterreichische Patentschrift Nr 40136 by Dr Samuel Schereschewskij describing an “Vorrichtung zur Erzeugung von Seifenschaum und zum Einseifen des Bartes.”. Or, in English, a device for producing lather and for lathering the beard. You know; what most of us uses a shaving brush for today.

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