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The safety razor of John R Gilda

Continuing on the theme of razors with stuff in the handle, we have an early patent for a razor with a pair of tweezers. And those may be the least interesting detail on this safety razor. Filed in 1908 and granted the year after, John R Gilda came up with a simple, single edged safety razor. While no blade is shown separate on the drawings, it probably would take blades similar to the Christy razors. After all, a lot of razors did in the early part of last century.

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Razor with cleaning brush

A little while ago I wrote about a 1931 patent on storing a shaving aid in the handle of a razor. And now I found a newer patent that cites that one. A patent for a razor with cleaning brush. A cleaning brush stored, unsurprisingly, in the handle of the razor.

Filed in 2008 and published two years later, there isn’t too much to the patent. There is a brush. It is stored in the handle. You use the brush to clean the razor. And that is, more or less, it.

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Electric safety razor

There have been no lack of patents for shocking, vibrating, oscillating, buzzing, and bulky safety razors over the years. Some were meant to be plugged into the electrical grid, and some were powered externally. But this patent for an electric safety razor, filed in 1937, were powered by an replaceable battery.

It was filed by Alexander Schaaf and Rudolf Schunermann, from Berlin-Charlottenburg and Nowawes1 respectively. The US patent office granted the patent in 1942, which is interesting since this was after Germany declared war on the US.

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An experiment, take three

There is an idiom in Norwegian, stating that “alle gode ting er tre”. The closest I know of in English is the phrase “third time is the charm”, which has a similar enough meaning.

So keep that in mind. This is, at this stage, a step by step process.

This follows up from an experiment I did earlier, and the second experiment too. I have tried to take into account the feedback y’all have been kind enough to give. And it is because I wanted to try something several of you mentioned, that this is coming a couple of weeks after the last try.

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Clean Fighters

As we all know, Gillette got the opportunity to equip the US Armed Forces with razors as our American friends geared up to join the Great War – a few years after everyone else had gotten in on the action.

This not only gave Gillette a few million razors out there – and thus significantly increased the user base – but also gave Gillette a new thing to talk about in their advertisements.

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