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Improved method of making flexible safety-razor blades with bright letters or signs

A long title for a shortish post. Sometimes when I am digging trough patents online, I find one that is only tangentially related to shaving, but still interesting enough to post about. This, from a fellow Scandinavian, is one of those. Touted as an improved way to adorn a razor blade with bright letters or signs, the described method should work just as well on any steel item.

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Buddy Kit – a patented toilet kit

A few days ago a fellow shaver posted a thread on my favourite shaving forum, asking for information on something called the Buddy Kit. And since Bax included a photo with a patent number… well, you know what I had to do. So to the Internet I went, and started digging.

The patent application for the Buddy Kit was filed in mid 1941. It was almost two years before it was granted though, possible due to things getting a little hectic at the end of ’41. There was a war on, after all – which may explain an oddity I’ll get back to.

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