Take pleasure from the little things

I don’t shave every day. This is in part a habit from before I started using a proper razor, and in part a nod to the face that my skin – while not as tender as some people – probably couldn’t stand up to a nearly BBS every single day.

Today was not a shave day. T-days never is.

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As the year turns, once again

Today marks the end of another year. Tomorrow I have to remember that it’s 2024.

I’m not going to harp on about all that is wrong in the world – anyone who isn’t living under a rock has to have noticed that the world have not become a more peaceful or more prosperous place the last year. Quite the opposite in fact.

There are some bright spots though.

I got hold of not just one, but two of my Holy Grail razors. Well… three, actually.

I also managed to find a New-in-Box promotional Tech, which is a smooth little shaver.

And I got a lot of lovely shaves, a fair number at work while my bathroom was torn out and rebuilt.

My blog had more than seventy-six thousand visitors, who between generated well over half a million page views. I sold a few books, and gave away some too.

All in all it has been a year that can summed up as “not great, not terrible”. And in the grand scheme of things, that is more or less the best we can ask for in this day and age.