BullGoose being sued – a new danger to the community

I recently received a slightly unusual update from Phil. Normally he sends out offers for new soaps, news on new razors, and all the fun stuff. This one is a lot less fun… double so since this also seems to be why the ShaveNook – my favorite shave forum – suddenly disappeared.

I’ll quote the newsletter in full:

A parasitic low life is trying to sue us for $25,000 claiming that the Bullgoose website is not ADA Compliant. He apparently makes his living by shaking down businesses and as of last week, he had 188 open ADA cases against other businesses.

Rather than settle, we have decided to fight this legalized extortion. Someone needs to draw a line in the sand and stop this scoundrel. Please help our fight for justice by placing an order. Anything helps in this crazy time.

From Phil’s newletter

While I am all for making websites accessible, this do not appear to be the goal of the plaintiff. As a matter of fact, my own cursory research using a free online tool seems to indicate that the BullGooose Shaving Supplies website is ADA compliant or mostly so.

There is a wider danger here though. Most shops and forums catering to our hobby is small operations, usually run on a shoe string budget and by people who isn’t up to dealing with a lawsuit. So litigation like this pose a real risk – small shops, artisans, and forum administrators may well opt to shut down rather than try to fight a legal battle.

The state of the shave den

Every so often, someone will post a photo of their shave den. Shiny tile, elegantly laid out shaving accoutrements, tasteful decorations… the whole nine yards. Usually the only things missing is a tastefully pastel towel and some antimacassars artfully hung over the back of the toilet.

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Confess to the crime skeleton!

After coming across a meme on the internet, I recently spend some time tracking down the patent for what I can only think of as the Crime Skeleton. It is a perfect example that the line between genius and insanity is blurry at best. I’m not quite sure which side of that line Helene Adalaide Shelby’s invention falls under, but I am inclined to go for “genius”. And a somewhat spooky and misguided genius at that.

So let’s take a short break from weird shaving patents and look at a plain weird patent.

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PSA: Razors.click now live at Razors.page

In the past I have referenced razors.click a fair bit, since it is a very handy reference and obviously a labour of love.

The site went dark1 for a while, but have now reappeared at razors.page. Which is great, because I’ve missed being able to access it.

So point your browsers over to razors.page, and enjoy a more serious take on old razor patents than what I provide – more facts, less snark. And bookmark his new address while you’re there.

  1. Or more correctly, my filters are blocking it.

The Untamable Whiskers

Something a bit on the side of what I usually do, but I found it interesting. And tangentially related to beards and moustaces.

Georges Méliès1 was a French illusionist, actor, and one of the first film directors. He led many technical and narrative developments in the earliest days of cinema. He is, perhaps, best known today for his epic science fiction movies Le Voyage dans la Lune and Le Voyage à travers l’impossible. Those were just two of many, many movies he made, some of which served little purpose other than to amaze and intrigue the audience.

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Book sale!

Starting on July 4th 2022 at 00:00GMT, there will be a countdown deal of the kindle versions of my first and second books!

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