Changing hosts and URL

I’ve been keeping my blog on blogger since 2012, an amazing eight years and roughly 130K unique visitors.

Since blogger isn’t quite doing what I want it to do, and I wish for more control over both content and back end, I’m switching to WordPress hosted on my own domain. In a few day the move should be finished and redirects set up to take you seamlessly from the old address to the new.

Old URL:

New URL:

Another year has rolled by

It don’t feel like it’s a year since last New Years Eve, but I don’t think my calendar is lying to me…
One year.
Twelve months.
Three hundred and sixty five days.
Two hundred and seventy one blog posts, including this one.
Spring has sprung, summer has come and gone, and winter is upon us again – at least for those of us on the northern hemisphere. For my friends and readers down below, reverse the order of seasons.
Shaving is still enjoyable, my favourite shaving forum still is full of good friends, and I’ve meet a lot of nice people on Twitter too.

As the traditional – ancient even – greeting goes in my corner of the world:
Til árs ok friðar!

…attaching and connecting parts

Wetshaving requires water, and water means pipes and valves. And all that means that somewhere there has to be a water shut off valve, so I can shut off the water whenever a packing or O-ring needs replacing in a tap. Thus the main water shut off valve can be considered an “attaching and connecting part” of my shave

In my case, the shut off valve have – as I discovered a little while ago – corroded to the point of not shutting the water off. And since a water shut of valve that isn’t shutting the water off kind of negates the whole point (not to mention means that I can’t change the O-ring in the tap that drips), it was time to call in the professionals; i.e.: the plumber.
So out with the old:

And in with the new:

Whole thing done in less than an hour, including small talk and paperwork. And yes, it does shut off completely, allowing me to replace O-rings in peace…

WTB: G-type injector

I’ve realised that my only injector probably feels lonely, and is in the market for a reasonable priced G-type injector. Preferable without cracks in the handle, case optional, must be in good working order although scratches and plating loss is okay. In other words; I’m looking for a user grade razor.

Contact me over at the Shave Nook, or email me directly.