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A little while ago, I found my Holy Grail Razor. Or more specifically, I found two. But to me the Grail wasn’t one razor (or two), but a type of razor. My Hole Grail Razor was the Schick Magazine Repeating Razor. And as discerning shavers know, there are three recognised types of the Schick Magazine Repeating Razor; the Type A, the Type B, and the Type C. Both of the ones I got so far are Type Bs. But today, thanks to a fellow shaver from the antipodes, my collection contains a Schick Type A as well.

As can be seen, the razor will require a bit of tender loving care before I can take my stubble off with it. The blade is, I do believe, so far away from shave ready as it possible can be. But, I can promise y’all this, she will live again. And I will use her.

One thing I found interesting, comparing with the Type B, is the fact that the internal cavity is rotated slightly. I mean, just compare and contrast these two photos:

On the Type A, the cavity is at an angle compared to the head of the razor. On the Type B, it is straight compared to the head. While it don’t mean much, it is interesting – and must have complicated the machining of the Type A somewhat.

So thanks to my friend down under I now have two out of the three types of Schick Magazine Repeating Razor that were manufactured. I guess now I just have to be on the look out for a user grade Type C to round out my mini-collection of Holy Grails…

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