A second Schick Magazine Repeating Razor

As I said in my introspective review on my Holy Grail Razor, I was waiting for another Schick Type B. It has now arrived. I am a happy man – I mean, I mostly am, but now I got one more reason to be happy.

It looks less pristine than my first Schick type B. Although, I must admit, less less pristine than the sellers pictures gave the impression of. And not only does it look better than I expected, but the action is much smoother than the first one too.

As can be seen from the photos, there is a few dark spots here and there. These are likely either the grime of years or corrosion products, and should clean up with a soft toothbrush and some dish soap. There is also some scrapes on the plunger, which almost looks like tool marks. The leaf spring looks dull and dirty. There is a small discoloration on the leather. And the blades are slightly sticky with what smells like sewing machine oil.

I am going to give this a gentle clean before it takes it’s place in my rotation, alongside my other injectors. And thanks to a friendly fellow shaver from close to the antipode of my location, there is yet another Schick Magazine Repeating Razor on it’s way to me. Needless to say I am also very excited about that – and very, very grateful too.

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