Take pleasure from the little things

I don’t shave every day. This is in part a habit from before I started using a proper razor, and in part a nod to the face that my skin – while not as tender as some people – probably couldn’t stand up to a nearly BBS every single day.

Today was not a shave day. T-days never is.

But right here, right now… I kinda wish I had. I’m a bit stressed at work, I’m warm, and it is feeling muggy. A good shave could have made me feel… well, someone made a cartoon about it some years ago:

It is about pleasure from the little things.

It is about getting the start of the day just right.

I can’t control the fact that everything seems to happen at once at work today, so I have spent hours not getting much done. I can’t control the malfunctioning HVAC system, or the fact that today is a very humid day.

But I can get a good shave and a great start on my day.

Or possible rubbing my face and moaning all day at work. That would work too.

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