Officially spring.

A slightly off topic post, since it has nothing at all to do with shaving. But it has to do with something that makes me happy, just like shaving do.

So… close enough?

Some years ago – well, a dozen years ago – I succumbed to a dream I had since I was a teen and bought a two wheeler. I justified it by how much easier it would be to pop over to the store, how much more fun getting to work would be, and how much gas I would save compared to taking the car out every time I need to run an errand.

And it have worked out too. A quick back of the envelope calculation showed me that I would save enough in gas to pay of the two wheeler in a little over three summers.

And there was the rub. I live in a place with distinct seasons, and a lot less daylight in the winter. So for at least four months each year I have to park my fun ride – because ending up dead would be no fun at all.

But that also means that there has been a new sign that spring has arrived; more daylight than darkness, no frost at night, and the two wheeler comes out.

I still have every bit as much fun riding it as I did when I bought it back in 2012. It is still every bit as useful for quick errands. And I save even more on gas, since gas prices has gone up significantly since I bought it.

And it wasn’t even that expensive to buy, and I didn’t even have to get a motor cycle licence for it…

Yes, my two wheeler is a scooter. A Honda Zoomer, to be exact (sold in the US as the Ruckus).

It’s fun to run around on, and people riding ‘real’ MCs will often commend on how fun it looks. It suits me fine, just as spring does.

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