Review: Mike’s Natural Soaps

I’ve been a fan of Mike’s Natural Soaps for quite a while now – ordered my first soaps from him almost a year ago – but writing up a review is hard simply because it’s near impossible to do the soap justice.

I’ll admit it up front; Mike’s Natural Soap is one of my favorite soaps – if not THE favorite. Part of it is the pure performance – great glide, great cushion, don’t leave me dry… but part of it is also that all of Mike’s soaps performs the same. It don’t matter if it’s his Orange, Cedarwood & Black Pepper or his Barbershop – they are all good. Apart from the scent they might as well be one large soap – it’s just that consistent.

Whipping up some lather with Mike’s soaps is easy as pie for me – soak the brush, swirl over the soap for twenty, thirty seconds before switching to the bowl and building the lather for real. The latherbuilding is also where the scent really gets released; and while some of the samples I ordered from Mike’s isn’t my favorites, he has several really good ones – I think my favorite might be his Orange, Cedarwood and Black Pepper soap, which reminds me of orange soda…

Since I put in my first order, Mike has started selling his soaps in tins as well as twist-up shave sticks. They work as well as the bars, but with the added bonus of not having to provide your own container to keep the puck in.

Mike’s Natural Soaps gives a great shave and wont leave your face dry. It also comes in a great many fragrances, and Mike’s samples are most generous if you want to try several. What’s not to like?

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