Big Red No7 Beard Comb

The parts of my facial growth that I keep and cultivate – ie.: my goatee – needs some tender loving care as well. Oil, balm and wax is part of the solution, but much like lather is useless without a razor, those are of limited use without a proper comb.

When I picked up beard oil and balm from Big Red, I choose a comb as well – the No7 in cherry appealed to my tastes, so that is the one I choose.

The comb is sturdily made from laminated cherry and maple, and the packaging is even more sturdy.

It’s not too much to say about the No7 comb, and none of it bad. It combs out tangles, helps spread the beard oil and in general do a wonderful job go taming my curly, wild beard.

If you have a beard or a moustache, you probably need to comb it from time to time… and while a comb from Big Red isn’t as cheap as the plastic ones from the corner store, it feels much more natural to use as part of my daily grooming.


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