Henry J Gaisman’s patent for a folding injector razor

Imagine, if you will, an injector razor with the spare blades stored in the handle. Now imagine it in such a way that the head will swivel 90 degrees to line up with the spare blades. Got it? Good… that is basically what Henry J Gaisman patented in 1928.

The patent – which was granted in 1932, and assigned to Gillette Safety Razor Company – goes into quite a bit of details.

The numeral 1 indicates a blade holder, and at 2 is a handle shown provided with a reduced portion 2a to which the blade holder is pivotally attached. I have shown a screw 3 pivotally connecting the blade holder and the handle, whereby the blade holder may be turned .at an angle to the handle for shaving, (Fig. 1), and may be turned parallel to the handle to receive and discharge blades, (Figs. 4 and 5). The blade holder has a relatively flat seat 4 upon which the blade 5 may rest with its cutting ed es extending beyond the seat for shaving. Guards for the blade edge are indicated at 6, which guards are shown provided with comblike teeth at 6a in proper position relatively to the blade edges to guard the latter. The guards 6 are connected to the blade holder so as to have movement relatively to the corresponding blade edges, the guards being shown attached to the blade holder material by the connecting pieces 7, and due to resiliency of the meta …the guards may be adjusted toward and from the blade edges. I have illustrated screws 8 operative in threaded bores in the guards, adapted to be rotated against the body of the blade holder for adjusting the guards with respect to the blade edges, (Fig. 2). At 9 is a retainer for the blade to keep the latter pressed against the seat 4. The retainer is attached to the blade holder, as rivets or screws, at 9′, (Fig. 1) and is of resilient material so as to overlie the blade at the free edges 9a of the retainer, said edges being suitably spaced from the seat 4 of the holder to receive the blade in the space therebetween, pressure of the retainer upon the blade keeps the latter on its seat. The corners of the retainer are shown secured to posts 6b near the ends of the guards. To permit the blade to slide along the seat 4 of blade holder 1 and to retain the blade in shaving position I provide a plate 13 that is located between seat 4 and the adjacent end of 10@ handle 2, which plate is provided with tapering projections 14 that are adapted to pass through openings 1a in the blade holder at the seat 4 and t rough registering openings 5a in the blade, (Fig. 8).

Clear as mud, as most patent texts are…
Short version is that the head tilts back, so you can load it from the blade magazine in the handle. The spare blades are kept secure in said handle. Oh, and there is an open comb guard.
The whole package looks like it would make for a pretty neat travel razor, as it folds into a small package, and I can see something like this doing reasonable well today if it was set up to accept a standard injector blade.

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