Container for shaving accessories

Once you have a razor and brush, you’ll need somewhere to store them. A container for shaving accessories, if you will. We’ve looked at one before, a patented cabinet for holding shaving requisites. It was, of course, not the only shaving accessories holder patented. Today we’re taking a peek at a 1934 patent for a wall mounted holder.

Patented by a Mr Morris B Solomon,1 it is at first glance a rather simple devise. It don’t get more complex on the second or third glance.

But first; what is the patent trying to, well, patent? To quote from the introduction:

An object of the present invention is to provide a light, cheaply constructed holder where in new and used razor blades may be housed and may be easily removed. When desired, where in the head of a safety razor may also be housed and protected at its edges and be held in position for ready removal, and which admits the quick and easy positioning of the safety razor without the manipulation of covers or other devices for covering the razor head; the whole device being constructed with but few parts peculiarly combined for admitting the quick and easy positioning and removal of the articles with but few and natural movements of the hand.

From US patent 1,981,674

So… it is a cheap, simple, lightweight holder for your razor and blades, new and used. I have to admit that it already sounds better than disposing of used blades in the bathroom wall.

Patent drawing for US patent 1,981,674, sheet 2, showing the container for shaving accessories
Patent drawing for US patent 1,981,674, sheet 1
Patent drawing for US patent 1,981,674, sheet 2, showing variations on the container for shaving accessories
Patent drawing for US patent 1,981,674, sheet 2

Most of the invention can be understood from the drawings. A back panel, bent out on the bottom to form a shelf. Two slots in the shelf for brush and razor. Above the shelf, a lidded box with two rooms. A slot in the lid to leg the shaver drop used blades in. And no obvious way to get new blades out of the narrow box.

Using it would be simplicity itself. To quote, once more:

In use, the holder is mounted against a wall, a door, or other suitable vertical support, by means of the hook 19 or other device on the back wall 11. Normally the cover 14 is closed or in raised position as shown in Figures 1 and 2. Used razor blades may be inserted through a slot 15 in the cover and thus deposited in the corresponding compartment in the container body 10. The larger compartment may be for used razor blades while the other compartment may accommodate new blades.

From US patent 1,981,674

The majority of the patent describe different ways of making the lid, variations on the shelf, and so on and so forth. The only thing lacking is a way to get new blades out of the container for shaving accessories. Short of turning the whole thing over, I see no easy way to get to the new blades.

The patent expired over seventy years ago, so anyone can copy and improve on Mr Solomon’s container for shaving accessories. If anyone does that, I’ll take one – provided it can hold, oh, twenty one various razors, nine brushes, and a dozen different double edge, single edge, and injector blades.

As usual, the patent in full can be read at Google Patents.


  1. Mr Morris B Solomon had a few other patents to his name, mostly trays, beverage mixers, and the like.

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