Review of TFS Bergamotto Neroli

A fair while ago, I received a sample of TFS Bergamotto Neroli as part of a PIF from a fellow shaver. Over the last month or so I have sampled my way though the sample, and can give a short review of the soap.

TFS have been hailed online as a soap that is very much like Martin de Candre, a soap I would been more impressed with if it hadn’t been so darn expensive. For the most part, the other reviews online are correct; like the MdC the TFS makes lovely lather with plenty of slip and glide, it smells pretty good, don’t leave my face feeling dry and is an overall solid performer.

The two things about TFS that – in my eyes – makes it outperform MdC is the longevity and the lower cost of it. A similar sized sample lasted about 50% longer, and the price per gram (excluding shipping) runs to about half.

If you want a high end soap, you can’t go much wromg with TFS bergamotto Neroli – even if I personally gonna stick with Mike’s Natural Soaps fot the foreable future. Works just as well, and the scent’s are better suited for me.

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