Styptic pencil in the handle of a razor

A little while ago we looked at a razor with a shaving aid – specifically a styptic pencil – in the handle. Turns out the basic idea was patented almost a decade before. Marcellin Eyraud Jr filed a patent in 1922 for a razor with a styptic pencil mounted in the handle in such a way that it would stay secure and dry.

There isn’t too much to the invention per se, although I have to say it looks better than the later patent.

To quote the patent text:

My invention relates to safety razors and more particularly to the construction of the handle thereof in order that a styptic pencil -,may be detachably mounted therein and kept clean and dry when not in use, and readily and conveniently removed therefrom and used in the treatment of skin abrasures often present in the face after a shaving operation.

From US patent 1,449,594

The drawing shows a neat razor with a head that is similar – in most respects to the Gillette Old. The handle is of slightly complex construction. An outer sleeve holds the bottom plate of the razor head. Inside this sleeve, there is a hollow cylinder. Inside this is the styptic pencil, held by a machined knurled knob. The styptic itself have threads machine or pressed into it, allowing easy replacement.

Patent drawing from US patent 1,449,594, showing the styptic pencil stored in the handle of the razor
Patent drawing from US patent 1,449,594

The middle cylinder also functions as the knob on the bottom of a regular Gillette Old. Turning the exposed part of the cylinder allows the user to open and close the razor. Looks pretty neat to be honest.

Overall this razor seems a better proposal than may of the other razors we’ve looked at. But better does not mean it is a great idea to store something inside the handle.

As almost always, you can read the full patent on Google Patents.

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