Adapter for a handle and a cartridge of different razor systems

Don’t you just hate how your preferred handle don’t fit your favourite razor blade?

No, me neither. After all, all double edge blades based on the Probak / Gillette patents fits virtually all double edge razors.1 In the same way, virtually all injector blades will work with virtually all injector razors. And all GEM blades work with all GEM and EverReady razors.

If, however, you’re not engaging in what I consider “traditional wetshaving”2 but are using cartridges instead… yeah, then you may be familiar with the problem this patent is trying to fix.

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Angelo’s other lathering device

The stationary – as in bolted down – shaving cup was not Angelo Piccione’s1 first foray into making an overly complex self cleaning lathering cup. Six years before the stationary cup he filed a patent for a, well, lathering device. The objective is more or less the same as his later lather cup. In the words of the patent text:

This invention relates to lathering devices for use by barbers to produce lather for shaving purposes, and has for its object the provision of a device of this character which permits of easily and conveniently cleaning the cup and brush after each shaving operation and thus render the same more sanitary as well as facilitating the work of the barber.

From US Patent 1,448,674
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Stationary shaving cup

Angelo Piccione filed a patent for a stationary shaving cup in 1928. Which brought up some odd mental imagery, since in my line of work the opposite to stationary is self-propelled or towed…

A number of inventions straddle the line between insanity and brilliance. And while it’s clear that Piccione took a large step towards one of the two sides, I’m not sure what way he went with this.

Not only does Piccione’s invention sounds like it was a piece of heavy machinery, but the patent drawing1 also looks the part too. We got multiple valves, springs, and linkages. We got pipes, sprayers, and tie-rods. I can easily imagine this device in shiny brass, chrome, and glass – and part of me really wants one.

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2021 Black Friday Book Deal

Black Friday is upon us again, and I would like to offer everyone a free – that is free as you don’t have to pay – digital copy of my book for Kindle!

Between Thursday 25th and Sunday 28th, head over to the Kindle Store – aka Amazon – and sag yourself a free copy to read on your Kindle or other device (Kindle app required). If you don’t want a digital copy, you can also get it in paperback – but sadly I cannot give those away for free.

Enjoy Thanksgiving and the weekend!