Schick E2 from 1941, first impressions

Thanks to a fellow shaver from the ‘Nook, I recently received a Schick E2 dated 1941. That’s right; the razor is eighty years old.

The razor looks really nice and is in excellent condition, and I’m looking forward to contrasting and comparing it to my Lady Eversharp and G4.

The box is also in very good shape, with nice and sharp text. The text on the underside is interesting; what company today gives a twenty year, no question asked warranty?

A do good, feel good advent calendar for 2021

As I’m writing this a few weeks before Christmas, there have been a volcano eruption going on at La Palma for more than a month. It is – quite frankly – a ongoing disaster. Thousands of people having to flee, earthquakes, lava flows, acid rain, toxic gases, and ash.

So what have that to do with traditional wetshaving, you ask? Or Christmas, for that matter.

Well… Gifts & Care, the well known (to some of us) Spanish shaving equipment store are selling a Solidarity Advent Calendar. For only 1€ / 1.16 USD / 0.85 GBP / 9.86 NOK a day, you can help the people of La Palma – all proceeds go to the many people going through a hard horrible time.

Oh, and you also get to enjoy a new sample every day in advent. With, as they point out, a final surprise on Christmas Day.

I’ve ordered one, of course. Which means that come December, I’ll have an additional post every day until the 25th with what is in the Solidarity Advent Calendar.

As a side note; Gifts & Care is also celebrating their anniversary these days, and are offering 15% of their entire store with the coupon code ANNIVERSARY. So it’s also a good time to pick up a seasonal gift to yourself in addition to the Solidarity Advent Calendar.