Further thoughts on Cold River Soap Works’ GLIDE shaving Cream Soap “Morning Ghost”

I was PIFed this tub of CRSW from a friend and fellow shaver over at the ‘Nook – my favourite shave forum – and I’m grateful both for the gift and the opportunity to try it out after hearing so many good things about it

The presentation is, how to put, classy without being pretentious. Black lid with withe print stands out in the soap drawer, and while plastic tubs are usually considered to be less environmentally friendly I can see the utility of neither being easily dented like a metal tin, or heavy like a ceramic one. It’s also sturdy enough to see a lot of reuse, so there is that.

Scent wise the Morning Ghost is hard to describe for me. CRSW describes it as green, earthy and spicy vetiver, with a woodsy scent and a  balanced lemony citrus running throughout… I guess they are right? I pick up the wood and earthy tones way better than any hint of lemon though, but that might be my nose.

The GLIDE soap got a lot of praise for being creamy, and it sure is. When I got the ratio of soap to water dialed in it yields a thick, almost yogurt-like lather that stays where you put it – no chance of soap running down your neck. Postshave feel is great too, leaving my face neither dry nor greasy.

There is just one minor niggle though… and one I can’t gloss over.

Being a soft cream a shaver will go through a tub of this quickly. I’m less than a dozen shaves in, and I can already see the bottom of the tub.

So… great soap, but wont last long. Something to keep in mind.

More Pereira Shavery goodies

Thanks to the nice people down at Pereira Shavery I have gotten a few more goodies I look forward to using in the near future;

 A towel, 30x50cm at approximately 400gsm.
A wooden V-shaped beard comb that should also, according to the instructions that came with it, aid in shaping my goatee.

A metal beard comb and multitool.
And a spare tub of their wonderful soap with activated charcoal, so I wont have to worry about running out.

A big thank you to Pereira Shavery for not just sending these things, but also packaging it so that even the Norwegian Postal system didn’t manage to break anything…

And as for the metal comb…

…I’ll be taking that to work with me, for an every day tangle free beard!

If you order from Pereira before the 31th May this year and use the code WW10% you should receive a discount on towels, beard combs and their other items, more details on that in another post.

Cleaning a flea marked find – Gillette Single Ring from 1921-28

A little while ago I found – well, my Better Half found and pointed out to me – an old razor in a flea marked. Haggling it down to half of what the seller asked for, I brought it home and found it to be an old Gillette Single Ring with the thick top cap and no serial number. A bit of online research points to it being from between 1921 and 28, which matches the mid 30’s Gillette Blue that was in the razor when I got it.
It was foul when I got it but a bit of hot water, dish soap and toothpaste got it up and running again. Plating on the head is in good nick, but there is severe plate loss on the handle and barrel… but that is to be expected.
And with that said, enjoy the photos:

Review of Pereira Shaving Shavette

Let me preface this by pointing out that I had never before used a shavette before I was lucky enough to receive one from Pereira Shaving. My frame of reference is therefore a bit… wobbly, at best, when it comes to reviewing one.

Getting the blade in is easy. Getting the blade lined up so it’s even is a little trickier, but if you’re used to putting a blade in a DE razor you should manage easily enough. Once in it’s held quite securely, and I’ve yet to have a blade slip on me.
The one thing I find somewhat awkward is holding the shavette as I manoeuvre it around my face, however I’m informed by people who know how to use straights that it should be easy to learn if I devote time to it.
Overall I do enjoy the shavette, even if I so far havn’t worked out how to get it around my jawline. It works great on my cheeks and lower neck, and it’s near perfect for defining the edge of my goatee.
If you want a ring style shavette that wont break the bank, you could do a lot worse than looking at what Pereira have to offer.
If you contact Pereira by email before the 31th May this year and use the code WW10% you should receive a discount on this shavette and their other items, more details on that in another post.