Cleaning a flea marked find – Gillette Single Ring from 1921-28

A little while ago I found – well, my Better Half found and pointed out to me – an old razor in a flea marked. Haggling it down to half of what the seller asked for, I brought it home and found it to be an old Gillette Single Ring with the thick top cap and no serial number. A bit of online research points to it being from between 1921 and 28, which matches the mid 30’s Gillette Blue that was in the razor when I got it.
It was foul when I got it but a bit of hot water, dish soap and toothpaste got it up and running again. Plating on the head is in good nick, but there is severe plate loss on the handle and barrel… but that is to be expected.
And with that said, enjoy the photos:

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