More Pereira Shavery goodies

Thanks to the nice people down at Pereira Shavery I have gotten a few more goodies I look forward to using in the near future;

 A towel, 30x50cm at approximately 400gsm.
A wooden V-shaped beard comb that should also, according to the instructions that came with it, aid in shaping my goatee.

A metal beard comb and multitool.
And a spare tub of their wonderful soap with activated charcoal, so I wont have to worry about running out.

A big thank you to Pereira Shavery for not just sending these things, but also packaging it so that even the Norwegian Postal system didn’t manage to break anything…

And as for the metal comb…

…I’ll be taking that to work with me, for an every day tangle free beard!

If you order from Pereira before the 31th May this year and use the code WW10% you should receive a discount on towels, beard combs and their other items, more details on that in another post.

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