Brush Plus – an old idea, repackaged

Today I learned that Gillette sold something called a Brush Plus in the eighties… maybe before and after that time too. It worked by lettings the shaver turn a knob to push shaving cream into the knot. And it’s not exactly a new idea, but before we look at older patents let us look at what it actually is.

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Let the Gillette prove itself

Old advertisement often seems more honest than the ones I’m subjected to today. Back in the day, an advertisement tried to sell a product. Today they seem to often try to sell a lifestyle – or the image of a lifestyle.

As an example, take this Gillette advertisement from 12th august 1904.

Gillette advertisement from 1904, extolling the benefits of no stropping, no honing, and money back if not happy.
Gillette advertisement from 1904

Buy one. Try it for a month. Not happy? Here is your money back, and you’re welcome! After all, Gillette back then stood behind their razor – instead of trying to sell the idea of being smooth shaven.

Although… I suspect they would happily deduct the cost of the one to three blades you had used during that month.