A semi-disposable DE of interesting design

A little while back my Better Half bought a IPL – Intense Pulsed Light – hair remover. In the package was a razor to shave hair of, so the light pulses can more easily reach the hair roots and burn them out.

The razor imidiatly caught my attention, seeing as how it is a DE! And upon unpacking, I found that the design and construction is interesting, even for something meant to be a semi-disposable item. Let me show you;

The biggest surprises  -apart from the fact that they included a DE and not a disposable cartridge razor – is how sturdy the plastic is and the fact that blades are changeable. I might use this for my shaves next week, just to try it out.

The Ubiquitous and Omnipresent Blade!

Razor blades – be it DE or SE – are ubiquitous and omnipresent, they are everywhere and can be adopted for almost anything; from laboratory equipment, DIY project, surgery, cutting hair, and even shaving! If you’re building a tool or device that requires a very sharp and replaceable cutting surface, it’s often easier to make something that incorporates a razor blade than to come up with your own blade. Part of the reason is off course that you can tap into an existing logistic supply line and not having to set up your own.

Just a few examples of what this tiny sliver of honed steel can be used for:

Cutting specimens into slivers when preparing slides for your microscope!
Make a REALLY SCARY immersion water heater!
Make a foxhole radio!
Scrape paint!
Plane wood!
Makes flies for fly fishing!
Make an improvised scalpel for those pesky DIY surgeries!
Trim your hair!
Shave your face!
uhm… lets try that one again:
Shave your face!
And much, much more!