New razor is here!

My new Cadet Model 11 – Open Comb, Twist To Open – has arrived! Shiny, hefty and looking better than the pictures, I’m looking forward to giving it a test drive next week.

As you can see from the photos, Joe at Shave A Buck also sent me a sleeve of blades – blades that are previously unknown to me. Looking forward to taking those for a spin too.

Very first impressions of Vie Long 13051M pure horse brush

My impressions after the very first use:
– Lovely coloured handle, a wee bit on the small side but not enough to bother me.
– Scritchy! This is definitely not your silky smooth badger, just as I had hoped.
– A vague smell of ‘animal’ – not to dissimilar from the scent I catch a whiff of when our cat decides to nest on my chest..

Conclusions so far:
– Money well spent.
– A face latherers brush.
– Will likely smell of soap by the end of the week.