No real post today

I don’t often throw in the towel and say ‘no post today’, but in between work and other obligations I haven’t had the time… Had hoped that either my new brush or my new razor would have arrived so I could show them off, but both are caught in postal limbo it seems.

Quick reveiw – Zaza Super / Supreme Stainless Steel

Quite a while ago I bought a couple of sampler packs of blades from my favourite Turkish webshop, and while I tried most of them early I sort of forgot about the rest until recently. Towards the bottom of the bag was a pair of Zaza – blades I could only find meagre information about online.

Bottom line? Not the smoothest in the world, not the sharpest either – but a very nice blend of smoothness, sharpness and longevity. A solid, if uninspired, contender for a fall-back blade… and one that seems like it might be hard to get more of. So far I only seen them for sale in my favourite Turkish webshop, and they are sold out…

New gear on it’s way!

It’s been a while since I bought shaving gear, for various reasons. Today though I finally got of my bum and ordered the pure horse hair brush I been wanting from Gifts & Care… and then I noticed that Shave A Buck had gotten some new Cadet razors in stock – ones that were both TTO and OC. Just had to put in an order for one of those too.

Quick review: Mike’s Natural Soaps’ Shampoo Bar

Finding the right shampoo can be tricky, even more so when I try to avoid the stuff where the list of ingredients sounds like an accident in a chemical factory… For several years I’ve been using the shampoo from BodyShop but recently I ordered a shampoo bar from Mike’s, based on the overall positive reviews over at my favourite shave forum.

After the first week of use I’m quite satisfied – it’s easy to use, although different than the liquid shampoo I’m used to, and my hair is clean. The scent is… well, lets say it took me a couple of days to get used to it, but now I find that I rather like it. I suspect it’s the combination of tea-tree oil and peppermint that caused me to pause at first. using the bar is simplicity itself – I just wet my hair, rub the bar over my scalp once, put the bar down, and then proceed as with regular shampoo.

As with everything else, shampoos is a case of YMMV – but with my dryish scalp and short hair I find that Mike’s shampoo bar do a good job with no mess. I’m happy I also picked up one of the travel bars to go in my GoBag.