Double blade safety razor

In 1932 Mr Robert John filed a patent for a double blade safety razor. That is, he patented a razor that used two blades. Although, in hindsight, what he really patented was a unique blade design.

Doubling up the blade edges is a recurring idea. We looked at a few before, like Janos Oscar Plesch’s double double edged blade, Staats-Oels’ two blade double edged slant, a double double edged cartridge razor, and most recently Gillette’s disposable blade unit. So John wasn’t breaking new ground, although the way he wasn’t was novel.

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Shave of the day 6th January 2023

Razor: GEM Heavy Flat Top

Blade: GEM Single Edge Stainless

Brush: Wilkinson Sword Badger

Pre-Shave: O Way Softening Shaving Cream

Lather: Brutalt Bra TSN LE / Norwegian Wood

Aftershave: Epsilon for Men Scottish Spirit

Additional Care: Alum Block

SOTD 2023 01 06

A fine Friday shave after an hour and a half of pushing a snow blower around in the dark night…

Disposable blade unit

Back in 1974 – when cartridges and disposables were starting to be a thing – Gillette patented a disposable blade unit for traditional razors.

In other words, they invented a new blade for a double edge razors. And by invented, I mean combined the inventions of Georg Friedrich Hofmann and Janos Oscar Plesch.

The main problem the patent was meant to solve? Most likely the problem that customers gave their money to people who wasn’t Gillette. But you can’t write that in a patent, so the abstract is a bit more verbose:

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