The pyramid of shaving advice



Experiment more

Enjoy the moment

Keep experimenting

Your mileage may vary

Find what works for you

Find what don’t work for you

Try a new soap, blade, brush, or razor

Make many mistakes, and learn from them

High end and bargain bin can be just as good

New razors can be great – so can vintage ones

Embrace your Acquisition Disorders – within reason

Try your very first soap, blade, brush, and razor again

A shave can be a moment of Zen and a mental recharge

Shaving is most enjoyable when it is about the process, not the goal

Dr Scott’s Magnetic Safety Razor

I stumbled over an old advertisement today… and it is a long time since I’ve been looking at the woo-woo magnetic razors.

Advertisement from 1891

On the surface, it seems to be the same pseudo-science as the other crankcases. I’m pretty sure that if I dig down deeper, it will still be the same pseudo-science as the other crankcases. The more things change etc.

Photo from WorthPoint

At least this one came in a stylish tin box. And given that it has been patented… I feel a follow on post coming on sometime in the future.

A great source for razor photos

I realise this may not be useful for everyone, but if you’re looking for photos of old (and new) safety razors you might find this handy:

Wikimedia Commons.

It is a wonderful resource for free to use images and other media. Need a photo of a American Safety Razor Company razor? They got plenty. How about the all but forgotten Christy razors? Plenty of those too.

Google Image Search can be handy, but for a more focused search try Wikimedia Commons.