More magnetic magic – razor blade edge reconditioner

Seems like the cranks simply don’t give up… and the patent office keeps granting patents like the one they granted to Maurice A Keller in 1957.

On the surface this is much like the one I talked about a couple of days ago… but if you go deeper you’ll find that it’s exactly like that one. Place razor in device, then wait for the magic…

As for the specific claims;

Magnetic razor blade sharpeners heretofore known have generally been inconvenient to use because they required disassembly of the razor so that the blades could be inserted into a suitable magnetic sharpener.

Uhm.. the previous one didn’t require you to dissemble the razor either.

These types of Sharpeners have not been successful because they required the provision of large horseshoe type magnets which are very expensive; or else they required magnets of special shapes not generally available as stock mass produced items.

I’ll kind of grant Mr Keller that claim, except they have not been successful because magnetism don’t work that way.

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