Old shaving-themed photos from Norway

The National Library of Norway have an amazing collection, most of which is available online. Some of it is even available for people outside of Norway, such as these lovely old photos of shaving in Norway (click to make bigger):

Wilse, Anders Beer / 1907 Apr 01 / Ellevstølane, Vang
Wilse, Anders Beer / 1927-07-01 / “Hansens barbersalong”
Wilse, Anders Beer / 1938 Jul 01 / Oslo
Wilse, Anders Beer / 1938 Jul 01 / Oslo
Wilse, Anders Beer / 1945 Apr 01 / Unknown

TGR shaving kit unboxing

I decided to have some fun and get the shaving kit from TGR that I spotted a little while ago. So here is the “official” unboxing:

A few things I noticed:

  • The wood looks like a fast-growing, reasonable soft wood similar to birch. Sapwood, not heartwood.
  • The head relies on the corner tabs to align the blade, which is the first time I see.
  • The “chrome” is rather sloppily applied, as can be seen on the last image.
  • The brush looks, feels and smells like boar.
  • The knot is roughly 22mm, with a 55mm loft. Pretty good backbone, pre-breaking in.
  • The little cup is likely too small for lathering, but good for catching water drips.
  • The stand will most likely not fit most of my razors and brushes

Bottom line? Not a great set, but not bad considering the cost. I’ll report again when I’ve actually shaven with it; I suspect it’s a mild shaver suitable for new shavers.