Looking back, looking forward

Another year older, but still feeling thirteen most of the time…

This attempt at documenting my wetshaving journey have been up for a little more than a year and a half – first post went up early in April 2012 – but along the way the amount of things in my shave den exploded as well as a significant improvement in my technique. Got about ten thousand hits this year, which is not bad for a weblog that is 3/5ths about what lather and razor I used at any given day…

I’ll keep writing this blog as long as I enjoy shaving and I has the time to do so. Have a Happy and Well Shaven New Year!

A new standard?

Someone on my favourite shave forum posted a link to a now-to-me razor manufacturer: Standard Razors.

While some of their spiel seems… well, a little over-the-top and bombastic, that is the style of advertisement these days. Their actual product looks good – if slightly costly – and has gotten praise from shavers such as Leisureguy. Machined from “aircraft grade” aluminium (why not just tell us what alloy it is?), with a handle that differs from most of the offerings on the market… It is nice to see a razor that is not cast from brass of machined from stainless steel, and I’m sure we’ll see more of these pop up on the various shaveforums and blogs in the near future.

In other words, they might be worth keeping an eye on for the future.

God jul!

In Norway, as in most of non-Anglo-Saxon Europe, Yule is celebrated on the 24th. The midwinter celebrations are a direct continuation of the old midwinterblót, given a thin christian veneer when Norway was christianised a millennia ago – but our habit of throwing a party when the sun turns goes back way beyond that.

So to everyone out there who happen to read this, I wish a God Jul and a Godt Nytt År.
Or as they would say a millennia ago;
*) To a good harvest / good year and peace / friendship