Adding soap to cream

The other day I was using some Arko Cool Mint shave cream, which makes a pretty decent lather but is – in my opinion – somewhat lacking in the mentholated kick department. Acting on an impulse I added a couple drops of Dr Bronners liquid peppermint soap as I was building my lather…

The result was a thicker lather than usual, with a distinct and pleasant menthol-peppermint kick to it – a definite improvement both on the face-feel and the cushioning. I suspect I’ll do it again the next time I use the Arko cream, and possible to some of my other creams too.

No razor? No problem?

At least not for this Russian guy… apparently, his grandfather told him that “Razors are an expensive, unnecessary luxury” and that during the Great Patriotic War the soldiers would shave with anything – so logically he decided to learn how to do the same.

I’m  not sure about y’all, but I stick to a nice DE for now – and proper lather too, instead of the canned goo I spy on this fellows table.

Back in the den

The last month I have been shaving from the GoBag… which means I get a good shave (differences in water hardness non-withstanding), but also means less choices. So I’m happy to be back in my own den and be able to fuss over what soap and brush to use for each shave.