First impressions of the Merkur 45C

A little while ago I bought a new razor – a bakelite Merkur 45C, and it’s a real looker too.

Last week it was my only razor, to break it in and get me used to it.
It’s very lightweight, which I found – rather counter-intuitively – makes it easier to not put any pressure on it at all. It’s often said you should let the weight of the razor do the work for you, but in the case of the 45C it’s the sharpness of the blade that does it.
The 45C has a rather retro style to it, which suits the material – bakelite – rather well. The reddish-brown and black might not be everybody’s cup of tea… but it’s nice to get away from the aluminum and chrome for a little while.
So far I’ve just tried it with a single blade, so it’s too early to do a proper review – but if you are looking for a safety bar DE razor somewhat out of the ordinary you could do well to look at the 45C.

As an aside; now that I own one of each I can say that the ‘unknown’ German white bakelite slant almost certainly is a Merkur product:; the handles are the spitting image of each other and have to have been made in the same molds.

Interview with shaving personalities

Sometimes you run across people who can be said to have written the book on a subject or other. Other times someone actually writes the book on a subject. Leisureguy is one of the later, and his book is on traditional wetshaving. I came across an interview with him via my favorite shave-forum.I can heartily recommend his book too – I don’t agree with everything he has to say on various subjects, but it’s certainly a good read and makes you ask the right sort of questions.

On the same website they also have an  interview with Mantic59, the man behind some of the most instructive shaving videos on YouTube – a must see for a new wetshaver, and good for many old timers too.