Straddling the year

It’s 2015 over here now…

Last year was fun, frustrating, stressful and boring… in other words, like all years so far. But shaving is still enjoyable and relaxing, and sharing via this blog is still rewarding – so I’ll keep doing both.

A razor NOT for shaving with

Have a happy, productive and well shaven 2015!

Shaving as an exercise of character

Taken from The Gentlemen’s Book of Etiquette and Manual of Politeness, from the best French, English, and American Authorities – printed in 1860!

…every sensible man will shave himself, if only as an exercise of character, for a man should learn to live, in every detail without assistance. Moreover, in most cases, we shave ourselves better than barbers can do.

While it may take a little less character to shave in this day and age than it did back in antebellum America, the idea that men (and women) should strive to be self sufficient to the best of their abilities holds true – at the very least when it comes to shaving!

God Jul!

While Norwegians – being sensible people – celebrate Jul (aka Midwinter blot, Yule, Mōdraniht, Dísablót, Kwanzaa, Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, or many other mid winter celebrations) on Christmas Eve, I’ll take the opportunity on Christmas Day to wish you all a well shaven holiday.

Til árs ok friðar!