How about a bronze age razor?

Or, more correct, a reproduction of one?

Ravn Forhistorisk Støbeteknikk (Raven Prehistoric Casting Technique) offers many neat reproductions for sale, and this bronze age razor (13-1200 BCE) caught my eye. One can be yours for just 44€ – cheap all things considering. If I was into straights, I would be ordering one right now – but even if I’m not I can show of a shiny piece of workmanship.

Shave of the day 14th April

Pre-shave: Dr Bronner’s Liquid Teatree
Lather: TFS Bergamotto Neroli, sample
Brush: Vie Long 13051M pure horse
Razors: Merkur 39C slant and Parker 22R TTO, both with a fresh Lord Super Stainless blade
Post-shave: Cool water rinse, alum and Krampert’s Finest Bay Rum

More band razors

Continuing on from Tuesday…

From what I can tell, the head of the TechMatic was replaced with every cartridge – which means that the shave could change from cartridge to cartridge. We all know that the quality control on disposable cartridges isn’t always top notch and it would only take a couple of misaligned cartridges for the razor to gain a reputation as a face-shredder. Since cartridges are no longer made for them, there is basically no way to know today if the reputation as a horrible razor is deserved or not.

Looking at an open cartridge, it’s obvious to me that keeping tension on the band will be a major challenge – and one more place where quality control can fail.

Also, I have learned that there were many band razors out there in addition to the Gillette TechMatic;

The Wanie Rollband was razorblades on a roll for use in your regular razor.

The Razor Six had positive control of the blade and tension via a toothed wheel, but required the user to snap off the used portion of the band.

The Reel Watch Razor had a take-up spool like the TechMatic

The Warder-Hudnut Reelshav looked like a audio cassette.

And the Schick Auto-Band which was Schick’s counter to the TechMatic, and even looks much the same.

People been spending a lot of energy making the basic idea work over the years…

Wind up razors?

Does this old patent from 1910:
relate to this razor from the mid 1960’s:
For what it is worth, a lot of people online claims that the Gillette TechMatic was the “worst razor ever” – the head assembly failed to hold the thin strip of steel flat, resulting in cuts, weepers, and scraped skin.

Shaving cream and April Fools

There is one added benefit for using proper shaving creams, as opposed to the canned goo; so called friends can never freeze your creams, use a hacksaw to open the can, and dump the resulting mess in your car where the resulting mess will thaw, expand and fill every nook and cranny…