The Untamable Whiskers

Something a bit on the side of what I usually do, but I found it interesting. And tangentially related to beards and moustaces.

Georges Méliès1 was a French illusionist, actor, and one of the first film directors. He led many technical and narrative developments in the earliest days of cinema. He is, perhaps, best known today for his epic science fiction movies Le Voyage dans la Lune and Le Voyage à travers l’impossible. Those were just two of many, many movies he made, some of which served little purpose other than to amaze and intrigue the audience.

One of those, showing of the magic of trick filmography, is known as Le Roi du maquillag. While this ought to translate to The King of makeup, the film is better known in the anglos-phere as The Untamable Whiskers.

La Roi du maquillaq, by Georges Méliès and featuring Georges Méliès

It is not a movie heavy on plot, instead focusing on special effects and Méliès’s talents for drawing, makeup, and acting.

If you do enjoy old films, have quite a bit of Georges Méliès filmography available for your viewing pleasure.


  1. His full name was Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès, which is quite a mouthful.

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