Review: Krampert’s Finest Bay Rum Aftershave

I was lucky enough to get a full size bottle of Krampert’s Finest Bay Rum Aftershave as a PIF a little while back, and would like to share my experience with it.

The short version: If you like bay rum, get hold of a bottle of Krampert’s Finest. If you don’t like bay rum, a bottle of Krampert’s Finest will likely change your opinion – so get hold of one.

The longer version? Well, if you insist…

Krampert’s Finest is – if you’re to believe his website, and I see no reason not to – the result of a man being unsatisfied with the available aftershaves and wanting to make something better. I would say Krampert have more than succeeded; this is a damn nice aftershave.

The scent is hard to describe… partly cause I’m not terrible familiar with what Bay Rum is “supposed” to smell like. It smells different than my Col Conk Bay Rum shaving soap, which is my only other exposure to Bay Rum.  It is however a very nice scent, perhaps slightly old fashioned but not in a bad way – more like a Porsche 911 is an old fashioned car… perhaps a better term is “classic”.

The scent also triggers some recollection on my part – like a memory I can’t quite pin down. Not a bad memory, mind you, but still.. wish I could pin it down. Oh well, I’m on a tangent.

The customs note affixed to the package stated it was a moisturizer, and Krampert’s Finest do a great job of moisturizing my face after my shave – it works so well I have caught myself using it even if I haven’t shaved. It also does a good job of sealing and healing any minor nicks I might have inflicted on myself while shaving.

The aftershave also seems to have a curious ability I can’t quite explain; the scent seems to linger longer those days I want it to. Perhaps it’s just me noticing it more, perhaps I unconsciously puts more on, or perhaps it is magic. I honestly don’t care – it works.

Actually, those two last words there can be used to summarize Krampert’s Finest: It works.

It works better than the other – honestly limited – selection of aftershaves I’ve tried. Smells better too… so go get hold of a bottle. It is just that good.

Shave of the Day 30th May

Pre-shave: Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap, Citrus
Lather: RazorRock XXX shave cream
Brush: Still new Vie-Long 14033 mixed horse-badger brush
Razors: Merkur 39C slant with “Gillette Goal Stainless”, Feather Popular with a “Feather Hi Stainless”
Post-shave: Alum block and Krampert’s Finest

Second shave and third lather with my latest brush – my brush and mine first encounter with this soft cream. Good lather, good shave, awesome aftershave – a DFS all told.

Breaking brushes to fix them

Breaking in a new brush is a process that can take time… pretty much any shaving brush needs to be used to blossom into it’s full potential.

Take for instance my latest piece of loot; my Vie-Long 14033 mixed horse-badger brush. I’ve only used it twice so far – one shave and one hand-lather – but allready it’s starting to open up and bloom more. In a few more days I’ll get an even better idea of just how well this brush will perform – it allready feels softer and holds more water than it did out of the box.

Sometimes, it seems, you have to break things to fix them.

Shave of the day 28th May

Pre-shave: Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap, Pepperming
Lather: Mike’s Natural Peppermint & Rosemary Shaving Soap
Brush: Brand new Vie-Long 14033 mixed horse-badger brush
Razors: Merkur 39C slant and Parker 22, both with “Gillette Goal Stainless” blades
Post-shave: Alum block and Krampert’s Finest

My new Vie-Long works fine out of the box, can’t wait to see how it performs once it’s been broken in. Overall a DFS.

On being away

I have been travelling this week, and as such away from my supplies. The stuff in my GoBag does cover the basics – even if my experimental replacement of the Proraso cream with the Rise Shave Gel will have to be reversed – it fails to provide me with one thing I have come to enjoy:


Shaving is not just about getting the fuzz of my face no more. It is at least partly about staring into my shave nook, picking out what razor(s) I would like to use on any given day, then what soap I would prefer given my mood. The choice of soap gives me input on what brush to employ… and when all is over I get to pick what post shave treatment I want to pamper myself with.

On the road those choices are reduced to what I packed before leaving – and while I still get the fuzz of my face, I don’t get the full shave experience.

Such is life, I guess, at least while weight restrictions apply on flights.

Shave of the day 21st May

Pre-shave: Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap, Tea Tree (bar)
Lather: Mike’s Natural Barbershop Shaving Soap
Brush: Omega #10048 Boar Bristle Brush
Razors: Merkur 39C slant and Parker 22, both with “Gillette Goal Stainless” blades
Post-shave: Alum block and Krampert’s Finest

Mike’s soap make a very nice lather, and Brian’s Bay Rum makes for a perfect finish – and the bit in between was good too. Overall a DFS!

Shave of the day 18th May

Pre-shave: Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap,Lavender
Lather: Mike’s Lavandin & Eucalyptus Shaving Soap
Brush: Turkish No7 horse hair brush
Razors: Merkur 39C slant and Parker 22, both with fresh “Gillette Goal Stainless” blades
Post-shave: Alum block and Krampert’s Finest

Still experimenting with the sampler pack from Turkey – these apparently is made in India, and the wrapper has an ad for a Gillette Goal DE razor on the inside… Mike’s soaps make wonderful lather, and the shave was pretty nice all told.