On being away

I have been travelling this week, and as such away from my supplies. The stuff in my GoBag does cover the basics – even if my experimental replacement of the Proraso cream with the Rise Shave Gel will have to be reversed – it fails to provide me with one thing I have come to enjoy:


Shaving is not just about getting the fuzz of my face no more. It is at least partly about staring into my shave nook, picking out what razor(s) I would like to use on any given day, then what soap I would prefer given my mood. The choice of soap gives me input on what brush to employ… and when all is over I get to pick what post shave treatment I want to pamper myself with.

On the road those choices are reduced to what I packed before leaving – and while I still get the fuzz of my face, I don’t get the full shave experience.

Such is life, I guess, at least while weight restrictions apply on flights.

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