New arrival: Valet Autostrop VC2

We’ve all been there. You are peacefully puttering around on the internet, and suddenly you’ve accidentally bought a razor. Or two, as I happened to do a couple of weeks ago. So let’s have a look at one of my latest accidental buys; a Valet Autostrop VC1. At least it was listed as a VC1 – right now I’m less certain, as the blade holder is a much closer match to the description of a Valet VC2.

From what both the internet and Waits’ Compendium tells me, the VC1 was introduced in 1922. It likely stayed in production until 1928, when the VC2 came out. The VC2 was manufactured until 1935. The VC3 replaced it, and was in turn replaced by the VC4 in 1940. Production seems to have ended in 1946.

The main difference between the VC2 and the VB2 – which was manufactured at the same time – was that the VB2 was supposed to be adjustable (according to Waits at least).

My Autostrop – whatever model it is – came in the original box. And with the original strap. But without any original blades, which I would never have used anyway.

The Autostrop has a blade holder that differs from pretty much any other razor I’ve owned. You have to swing the holder up and over – as you would if you were to strop the blade – before opening a flap. The top cap has a pair of studs, that aligns with cut-outs in the blade and flap. The blade holder is held in place by pressing the guard against it, controlled by the lever on the back of the head.

You can still buy blades that fit the Autostrop. The Feather FHS-10, to be precise. So I naturally bought some. If the razor could be shaved with, it should be shaved with – I’m a shaver, not a collector.

But that also means that a century of dust and grime had to be cleaned of…

The patent number referred to at the underside of the razor head is British Patent 184,808 by the way. The 1922 patent is the same as the US patent 1,492,246, filed in 1921 but not granted until 1924. It makes sense that the razor refers to the British patent, as they text on the underside of the blade holder flap refers to Autostrop Safety Rzor Co Ltd, London, England.

Overall I’m very happy with the condition of the razor, and even happier by the fact that I can get blades for it.

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