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Need a new travel kit? One that keep everything tidy and don’t slide around as you try to shave in an unfamiliar bathroom? Well, look no further than the utility kit patented by John E Borah in ’57.

So now that I told you to look at it, what is it? To quote from the patent:

The present invention relates to a utility or toilet kit and more particularly to a kit of this type especially adapted for use in traveling. One of the primary objects of the present invention is to provide a compact, easily handled utility kit which contains all the essential toilet articles arranged in a fully visible array and in an easy to remove and replace form.

From US patent 2,965,109

The kit takes the form of a base with a moulded suction cup and several deep recesses on top, over which a cover sits. The cover doubles as a drinking glass – or a shave mug in a pinch.

Th cover should fit snuggly on the base. The recesses in the base holds everything you’ll need, such as a safety razor, a blade dispenser, shaving cream, tooth brush, tooth paste, and so on. The patent suggests a tube of hair grooming preparation – I think I would prefer a small shaving brush instead.

Borah’s utility kit isn’t the first travel kit I’ve looked at by far, but it is the first one with way to make it stick. Overall the utility kit looks like a decent travel kit. I do like the fact that it comes with a cover that doubles as a glass. I lament the lack of a shaving brush. And I’m enamoured by the idea of the section cup in the base – just slam the kit down and have it stay put.

All in all I think there may still be a market for a kit like this. For all I know, a similar kit may already be for sale.

As usual, you can read the full patent at Google Patents.

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