Combination traveling case and toilet table

Some toiletry kits are small. Some are so big they can double as a pillow. But the combination traveling case and toilet table patented by Roberta R Thornhill is the first I can recall that came with its own table.

But, as we often do, let us start by seeing what Roberta was trying to do:

The object is to provide a device especially adapted for use by railroad travellers, automobile tourists and campers which may be easily and quickly unfolded and suspended in proper position for use in shaving, attending the hair or otherwise completing the toilet, the said device having means for carrying all of the necessary toilet articles and preparations, etc., and displaying the same for easy removal when desired.

From US patent 1,578,778

So a dopp kit for, well, everyone. As expected, it had a lot of pockets so you could carry everything you could possible need. It had a mirror, so you could watch yourself shaving (or doing your makeup, or brushing your hair). And it had a shelf that unfolded. Two straps held it in the proper orientation, and the straps could be adjusted.

Patent drawing from US patent 1,578,778

The whole thing was to be made from strong fabric or leather. I can also see using a combination of webbing and leather. The shelf is just a pocket containing a stiffening board.

All in all the combination traveling case and toilet table is a neat idea, and a nice way to bring every single toiletry you might need when you’re travelling. Although perhaps a bit on the big side for a weekend flight somewhere…

The full patent can be read at Google Patents.

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