Wall mounted toilet kit

There are times that I see a patent and just know, deep in my soul, that the inventor was the kind of guy I could probably get along with. Charles H Dolan, the patentee of a wall mounted toilet kit, is one of those goys. The mind that came up with this idea is a mind similar to a mind that can spend hours browsing old patents to find the odd ones.

This isn’t the first toilet kit I’ve showecased.1 Not even the first to go on a wall. But this toilet kit is a product of a very tidy mind.

Aimed, I assume, on the shaver who left his gear all over the vanity, the wall mounted toilet kit had a place for everything. To quote:

The instant invention relates to a toilet kit and more particularly to a men’s kit capable of holding tubes, cans and bottles containing toilet preparation as well as toilet accessories such as safety razor, blades, shaving and tooth brushes and comb.
One of the primary objects of the invention is the construction of a toilet kit of the character indicated having means for dispensing the various toilet creams, powder, liquid and the like contained in the tubes, cans and. bottles aforementioned.

From US patent 2,411,196

The kit was meant to be portable, but had to be hung on a wall or ledge for use. It broadly consisted of two parts. One section holding tubes and bottles of shaving cream, aftershave, talc, and toothpaste. The other, hinge out section, holding a comb, a toothbrush, and the necessary shave gear.

The wall mounted toilet kit as shown in the patent drawing
Patent drawing for US patent 2,411,196

Each of the four tubes and/or bottles had valves operated by pushbuttons2 that stuck out through the front panel. The two outermost compartments also had rollers to help get stuff out of the tubes. In the bottom section there were various holders keeping the gear in place. The bottom part of the lower compartment had airholes, and the folding lid had a two part folding bracket to keep it horisontal.

When all it said and done I like this wall mounted toilet kit. It’s neat. It’s tidy. And it’s just big enough to hold the bare necessities of a man’s toilet. And as so often I can’t find any trace if it ever being manufactured.

As a fun side note; the compact cassette sanitary kit I posted about seven years ago cites this patent.

You can read the full patent can be read on Google patents.


  1. I would love a ComfyKit, by the way. Original or reproduction.
  2. Hopefully well labelled. While you could, I assume, manage to shave with toothpaste, it would be a real PITA to brush your teeth with shave cream.

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