I have committed a second book on shaving and razor patents!

A little over two years ago I self-published – via Amazon – a book on shaving and razor patents. Now I have committed a second book, which is again available on Amazon.

Much like a criminal returns to the scene of the crime, I guess… but then again, I did warn you that I was going to.

Shaving does not have to be a chore if it’s done right. It can be a quiet, reflective moment – a moment of tranquillity in a chaotic world, a fleeting feeling of Zen.
But just how did today’s refined tools of the traditional shave develop? What missteps was taken, what dead ends discovered? What solutions in search of problems were dreamt up and patented in order to make our daily shave better?
Like the previous book in the series, this semi-curated selection of razor and shaving related patents explores the roads not taken, the many dead ends, the various pitfalls, and some of the success stories that have, by and large, led to the golden age of traditional wetshaving people across the world enjoys today.
A mostly humorous and sometimes serious rump through shaving related patents from the last century and a half, this volume is lavishly illustrated with drawings from the original patents.
If you enjoyed the first book in the series, you are likely to enjoy this one too.

It is, as you might expect, more of the same. More patents, more original patent drawings, and more snarking.

And the book has more content than the last one too.

My new book, imaginatively titled Another 80 razor and shaving patents, covers 24% more patents, contains 29% more pages, 64% more words, and an amazing 471% more footnotes than my previous book.1

The cover of Another 80 razor and shaving patents, my second book on shaving patents.
The cover of my latest book on shaving patents

My second book also features a few longer chapters on some of Gillettes’, Schick’s and GEM’s competitors, as seen through their patents. Diamond Edge, Curbo, King Oscillator, Clemak and others were all runners up that are mostly forgotten today.

I had a great time putting this new book on shaving and razor patents together. Another 80 razor and shaving patents don’t contain anything new per se. It is only a new way to look at some old and not so old razor and shaving patents. If you like you can go grab a copy – digital, paperback, or even hardcover – on Amazon.


  1. At this rate my next book will be named something shocking like “An additional 90 razor and shaving patents”, be 370 pages long, and contain nothing but footnotes.

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