Need something to do while in corona lock-down?

Got time to spare while being at home due to the situation in the world today? Or just want a light read in between being busy with work?

70 razor and shaving patents – available both as an paperback and for Kindle1 – is a somewhat serious, somewhat humorous meandering look at the history of shaving, as seen through patents from the last century and a half. Explore a wide range of ideas ranging from electrically heated razors to plug into the light fixtures, magnetic pseudoscience, the ever present vibrating razors, and sensible solutions for razors that were the right idea at the wrong time.

My book explores some of the roads not taken and the blind alleys explored – solutions in search of a problem as well as problems caused by the solutions – by inventors to perfect our daily shave and moment of Zen.

Get it from Amazon; this link should take you to the closest Amazon to your location.

And regardless; try to stay safe in these weird times we’re living through. We will come through the other end, together and freshly shaven.

1) If you have Kindle Unlimited, it is also available to borrow there.

2 thoughts on “Need something to do while in corona lock-down?

  1. Hans – I came across your blog and with all your great work on razor/shaving patents, I was wondering if you can help me identify some vintage blades that recently came into my possession.

    My contact info follows. Please let me know how to get you a photo of these blades.

    I recently found three identical 1920s vintage single edge blades. All 3 are new, pristine, without blemishes or stains and in their cardboard sheath. One of the 3 is also in the original plain paper wrapper. There is nothing anywhere on them or their packaging with a name.

    I’m dating them to the 1920s because they were in the blade vault of a 1921 Gillette Milady Decollete razor set I recently inherited (the original owner lived in Texas). Additionally, the blade vault where I found them also held a used Gillette two sided blade fitting the Milady razor with the code 430 – which dates that blade to July, 1924.

    Can you tell me anything about these blades? Would these be considered blades for a safety razor? Any idea on the manufacturer, or any guesses?

    Just let me know how to get you the photos. Thanks in advance for any help.

    Chip Gill

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