An AutoStrop Khaki set

I’ve talked about Khaki Kits before – both the well known Gillette ones and the less well known GEM ones. I’ve also covered sets like the Comfy Kit – I still want one by the way – and the Buddy Kit, both kits that were marketed to the military. But until today, I was unaware that there also existed an AutoStrop Service Set – or Khaki Kit, if you prefer.
Video by Vintage Life, who also have a fair bit of other shaving related videos

A very well laid out piece of kit, and the way the AutoStrop works you would be less reliant on getting replacement blades. That could be beneficial in the trenches of the Great War. Razor blades were in short supply, but poison gasses could be had at any time.

There is not too much information available online, but I did find a couple of photos on an online auction site.

I need a new razor like I need a hole in my head. This is especially true of one that uses a blade none of my others uses. But I still want one. And a Comfy Kit.

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