For years of shaving pleasure…

…give him Gillette.

At least that held true seventy years ago. The plastic monstrosities they sell these days? They will likely break in twenty five years or less, and I can’t see Gillette continuing to make the carts much beyond the lifespan of their patents. The razors they sold in ’53 on the other hand?

Gillette advertisement from The Australian Women’s Weekly, dated 16th December 1953

I got a Gillette’s from the fifties – a ’58 TV Special – as well as several even older Gillettes. Guess what? They still shave great, and I can still get blades for them. A vintage safety razor can get you years, decades, or even centuries of shaving pleasure. After all, I’ve gotten almost a decade out of the TV Special so far, and I’m not the first one to enjoy it.

So if you’re still pondering what to get that special someone on your life for the midwinter holiday, why not get them a vintage safety razor? They are fun, lasts forever, and – as an added bonus – good for the environment too.

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